Post Modern Collection small masterpieces

B.D. Graft'Is it mine if I add some yellow? no. 18', 2017

Signed and numbered, original collage

Shipping and handling per order

The Netherlands: Free
Europe: €16,50
Rest of the world: €25

  • Paper collages
  • Vintage postcards and yellow acrylic on paper.
  • 13,8 × 8,7 cm
  • Signed and numbered

To create a new artwork by making a minimal change to an existing work: adding some yellow. The constant questions surrounding copyright and ownership when it comes to collage art are the inspiration, along with the conceptual work of artists like Robert Rauschenberg and John Baldessari (who, funnily enough, he only discovered after starting the "Add Yellow" project.

Postcards are snapshots of significant moments, sent usually to those dear to us. To the artist, applying the "Add Yellow" project to postcards is like, in retrospect, changing memories: an abstract, dream-like dimension is added to very familiar, figurative snapshots of the past.

Brian de Graft (1988) is a German artist based in Amsterdam. Whilst obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Master’s in English Literature, making art was initially a fun distraction. This hobby would, however, quickly become an obsession.

With so much media being primarily produced and consumed digitally, de Graft takes comfort in a return to basics: paper, scissors, paint, and glue. He samples existing images from books and magazines, sometimes combining these with acrylic on paper to form a new, abstract whole.

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