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Boris de Beijer'Orbital plaque', 3, 2019

Unique, hanging sculpture

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  • Unique, hand shaped, pigmented resin cast
  • 15,9 × 2 × 11 cm
  • Hanging sculpture, including suspension
  • 2019

A deep rooted interest for space exploration, being surrounded by a large collection of ancient and modern curiosities, and a fetish for working with synthetic materials. These futuristic relics give you a glimpse at the furthest corners of a fictive universe.

Boris de Beijer graduated as a jewellery designer from the Rietveld Academie in 2011. Since his graduation he has developed his practice in a multidisciplinary fashion, without being held back by the frameworks of any specific discipline. In stead he manoeuvres freely in between, whereby his work sometimes tends towards sculpture, sometimes towards applied design. In his work he often questions the existing hierarchical structures that exist within the context of various autonomous and applied art disciplines.
In Boris’ work form and function has an ambivalent status. It manifests itself in an ritualistic working method, in which he both uses and abuses the traditional and artisan aspects of his trade, and applies them where one would not expect it. Boris almost exclusively works in synthetic and non traditional materials. Comparable to the peculiar processes of the ancient alchemic's, he transforms relatively cheap and common resources, into new materials that strongly reminds of higher valued materials. This process adds to the futuristic and often occult appearance of the arisen objects and artefacts.
Boris has shown his work in both national and international galleries and cultural institutions, and has been included in various national collections such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and Coda Museum.

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