Post Modern Collection postcard sized artworks

Joncquil Fortissimo, starsign Diplopia no. 5 Signed and numbered original artwork


• Polaroid, acrylic paint, pinholes
• A series of 5 unique, signed and numbered art pieces
• 2019

In this series Joncquil uses both sides of the polaroid and plays a game of chicken and egg. The photographic image on the one side of the real life sculpture Diplopia.
Diplopia commonly known as double vision, is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object that may be displaced horizontally, vertically, diagonally
(i.e., both vertically and horizontally), or rotationally in relation to each other. This has been converted into its cosmic interpretation on the other side. Or could it be vice versa. By revolving front and back Joncquil explains a new found constellation and makes it not only visible and recognizable, but even tangible. He let’s the viewer decide which side will look back or will face the wall.

Artist Joncquil combines two fascinating processes from his childhood that were of great influence on the main theme in his work. Where form gets meaning is beautifully visible in the development of a polaroid.