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Kevin Nieuwenhuijs 'Construct Series no. 6', 2018 Unique, signed and numbered painting

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Netherlands: €11,50
International: €16,50

  • Unique, signed and numbered painting
  • Acrylic on mat board, on MDF
  • 10 × 1 × 15 cm
  • Including suspension 
  • 2018

Construct Series consists of paintings depicting possibly existing constructions. Nieuwenhuijs paints the surface of the carrier and partially removes the paint, making the bottom surface reappear in certain areas. By this means, the artist creates the illusion of a structure. Playing with the idea of constructing through destruction, he builds by removing material, contradicting the principles of creating.

Kevin Nieuwenhuijs’ work contains variations of opposite relations. Subjects such as life and death, naked and dressed have been expressed in his paintings. Nowadays his focus lies on the border area of something/nothing within painting. When do we believe that images of non-existent entities can actually be existing phenomena? Nieuwenhuijs playfully labors with this notion and questions the essence of creation, illusion and meaning within the spectrum of painting.