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Paul Nassenstein'Rocking the museum no. 17/19', 2017

Unique, signed and numbered painting

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The Netherlands: Free
Europe: €16,50
Rest of the world: €25

  • No. 17/19, 2017
  • 15,5 × 12 cm
  • Mixed media on paper, wooden frame
  • The 'Rocking the museum' series consists of 19 unique, signed and numbered paintings

In this series of 19 unique paintings, specially made for Post Modern, Amsterdam based artist Paul Nassenstein playfully reflects on formality in art. The small sizes and the handmade enlisting take away the pretentiousness of certain subjects. Using abstraction and figurative elements Nassenstein gives a poetic and sometimes humoristic view. Where does art start, where does it end, and does it matter anyway.

Paul Nassenstein’s (1966, Amsterdam) work often appears as a humoristic picture of men’s being and relations, at the same time bringing about a sense of fatalism, where matters seem senseless and inevitable. Living and working in Amsterdam, Paul Nassenstein continues to impress with his talent to portray distinct associations and linkages of contemporary lives.

Time and again, Nassenstein invites the viewer to re-imagine society and human relations. Sometimes, his miniature drawings contain scenes of vulgarity, domination and submission between individuals, telling stories and containing strong narratives. Absurd happenings are depicted in imaginary spaces, taking place on weird play-grounds, in gigantesque shopping-malls, a never-ending road or a floating collection of blocks.

His larger drawings and paintings often centre around a single idea or thought; a serene space contains some individuals caught in their solitary actions (Stair building, 2010), or showcases an imaginary space and happening (The meeting, 2014) or a building (Babel Tower, 2005, Collection The Hague Museum). 

Paul Nassenstein is a celebrated and well-known artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His oeuvre of paintings has twice been awarded with the prestigious Dutch ‘Koninklijke Prijs voor de Schilderkunst’ as well as with the Dutch ‘Prix de Rome’ for his drawings. His works are represented in a wide number of gallery expositions and art fairs, both in The Netherlands as international. A variety of museums of contemporary art have collected artworks from Paul Nassenstein, including Het Haags Gemeente Museum (Den Haag) and Boymans van Beuningen (Rotterdam). 



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