Post Modern Collection postcard sized artworks

Phil Procter Dunescapes, Chocolate (set of 4) Scored and folded paper

Shipping and handling per order

Netherlands: €11,50
International: €16,50

Paper: 300gsm card stock
Colour: Chocolate
Measurements: 14,8 × 10,5 cm

A series of reliefs inspired by the ever-changing patterns of beach and desert landscapes. In a direct response to the materiality of a postcard, the series is created through scoring and pleating sheets of card.

Phil Procter is a British Designer based in Rotterdam, NL. He designs everyday objects that seek to bring us joy in both their utility and appearance. An underlying theme of Phil’s work is the manipulation of sheet materials to create three dimensional forms.  This can lead to a wide variety of outcomes including paper installations, rolled steel lighting, linoleum sculptures and products that are ultimately translated into other materials, whilst keeping their original aesthetic.