Post Modern Collection small masterpieces

Robert Nicol'Gerkin' (Predictions series), 2018

Unique, signed art piece

Shipping and handling per order

The Netherlands: Free
Europe: €16,50
Rest of the world: €25

  • Glazed ceramics
  • 12 × 1,5 × 17 cm
  • Signed hanging object
  • Suspension: a hole for a nail
  • 2018
In the ‘Predictions’ series Robert Nicol hopes to play with the relationship between the flat image and the object. They feel both like a tile from a domestic setting, but also at the same time a page from a book. There is a sense of the macabre preset in the work, but also a lightheartedness in terms of the mode of representation and elements contained. In presenting characters engaged in what can feel like the building of society, but also could equally be the destruction, Nicol aims to get the viewer to reassess their own approach to life.
Robert Nicol is an illustrator, artist and educator based in North Norfolk, UK. While working he enjoys recurrent themes of the figure in the landscape, fear, existence, construction, human society, humour and the surreal. Nicol is interested in the relationship between objects and the 2D image, and its connection to different modes of storytelling. Nicol aims to make work that is both direct, brutish, but nuanced in its references.

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