Post Modern Collection small masterpieces

Romee van Oers'Untitled no. 56', 2017

Signed and numbered, unique painting

Shipping and handling per order

The Netherlands: Free
Europe: €16,50
Rest of the world: €25

• Acrylic paint on aluminum offset printing plate
• Including wooden suspension

• 15 × 10,5 × 2 cm

These works exist out of strokes of paint on aluminum offset plates. The shape created by the physical action appears to be three dimensional through the use of a wide brush, the angle in which the brush is placed on the carrier, and the progress of the paint stroke.
Original traces of the offset plate are kept. This shows that the works are part of a larger whole; a different space. The idea of a paint stroke on a carrier which acts as a postcard Romee van Oers thinks is beautiful, because it can then be transmitted and moves through the space between the sender and receiver.

In her work artist Romee van Oers questions space within a painting and its surroundings. She sees the spatial brushstrokes that she uses as sculptures and places them in other environments. This shifts between either a wall, through a photo projection, or on other carriers. Van Oers explores how these strokes relate to each other, to other presences in the space, as well as to the position of the viewer. The paint strokes arise from her observation. They come from characteristics of present elements, like the force of gravity on an existing form.

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