Post Modern Collection postcard sized artworks

SALVO 'Detour', II, 2020 Unique, original collage

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Netherlands: €11,50
International: €16,50

  • Original collage
  • Old/used/new postcards with tape
  • 14,7 x 10,3 cm
  • 2020

Unintentionally, when taking a photograph of something, one also photographs other things. This democratic aspect, the fact that a camera is indifferent in reproducing whatever the photographer aims to frame, causes a wealth of ‘additional’ information in photo-graphic images.
Salvo's 'Detour' is a series of old, used and new postcards showing the Tour Eiffel. By masking the tour with tape Salvo shifts the focus to the rest of the depicted and invites the viewer to take a detour.

'Salvo Makes and Shakes Photography'. Salvo is a collective of three photographers and one designer: Anne Geene, Arjan de Nooy, Sander Uitdehaag and Vincent van Baar. Irregularly they publish books addressing themes from the theory of photography. Salvo always sees a photograph as a beginnng, never as an end. 'Detour' was originally published in Salvo's #8 'Sideshow'.