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Sander Wassink'Under one sky, 11.01.2024, Eindhoven, Niels'

Unique light sculpture (2024)

Shipping and handling per order

The Netherlands: Free
Europe: €16,50
Rest of the world: €25

• Unique, signed art piece (2024)
• Custom made sculpture by the artist
• Photo behind glass, stainless steel casing

• Still image, not video
• 24 Volt / 6 Watt LED
• Including original polaroid, suspension, light cord (3 meters), power plug and dimmer
• 153 × 70 × 213 mm

Since Covid19 has entered our lives, Sander Wassink invited his friends, from all over the world, to make a photo of their blue sky. Though far apart from each other, we are all under one sky.

Sander Wassink is an artist and designer who encourages us to reconsider our ideas of beauty, aesthetic value, status. How can we reconsider what is important and what is desirable to include notions of history, memory and the preservation of a past which is slipping away. Amid new construction, new production, and constant proliferation of new forms and facades, Wassink turns his attention to the discarded, the abandoned, the left over and attempts to reimagine what can be done with the already partially formed. What new possibilities exist in the surfaces and materials that are half-built or half-destroyed. Whether his object is the partly demolished facade of an abandoned building, or the everyday detritus from our over productive culture, Wassink asks what new forms and new visions of beauty already exist to be discovered and appreciated.

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