Post Modern Collection postcard sized artworks

Seet van Hout 'Blumenzucht no. 18', 2017 Signed and numbered, unique painting

Shipping and handling per order

Netherlands: €11,50
International: €16,50

  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 18 × 13 × 2 cm 
  • 2017  
  • Signed and numbered

For the Post Modern Collection artist Seet van Hout made a new, postcard sized series of her long-term ‘Blumenzucht’ paintings. This time not in her usual huge dimension paintings (up to 3 by 4 meters, as to see in AkzoNobel Art Space, Amsterdam). Van Hout, working on the floor of her studio, produces alchemistic processes and unforeseen connections between pigments and movements that hardly allow themselves to be controlled by the artist. New ‘flowers’ grow on the canvas.

Seet van Hout is a Dutch artist, who works with paint, and makes installations in textile about ‘Memory’. Her work is exhibited in galleries and museums in The Netherlands, Germany, and the USA.