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Stefan Peters Re–pro #3 Signed and numbered painting

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Netherlands: €11,50
International: €16,50

No. 003

The 'Re–pro' series consists of 100 unique, signed and numbered paintings
Material: Acrylic on MDF
Measurements: 14,8 × 10,2 cm

This series of reproduced paintings questions the meaning of terms like creativity, process, production and value in the context of art on the one hand and design on the other hand. Each panel is part of a bigger panel and is cut in such a way that it consists of 4 different parts of the repeated image.

The Belgian artist Stefan Peters meditates in paint while searching for a principle – which increasingly turns out to be the simplicity of a brush stroke or even of a blank space. In the end, Stefan Peters creates visual vortexes. Though there’s always ineluctably something off-kilter about his illusory constructions, they invariably exert a fatal attraction on the viewer.