A growing collection of postcard sized artworks, created by renowned artists and designers. These collector’s items have been made exclusively for the Post Modern Collection.

Artists tend to develop large, thus pricier works. We challenges them to 'tell' their story in small. Herewith a collection of handmade, one-of-a-kind, affordable artworks by contemporary makers.

Post Modern Collection at KunstRAI 2019, Amsterdam, NL

Post Modern is not a gallery. We are a traveling exhibition that showcases all possibilities and potential in small. The compact measurements of a postcard challenge artists to think and work differently. These new artworks are often new directions for the artists. New experiments, horizons, and territories.

We work together with artists and designers, and we present them in both the art world and in the design context. We broaden the network of all participants.
Post Modern acts as a springboard for these makers. New opportunities, connections and collaborations are being made. With the revenues of the Post Modern sales, artists can invest in their general artistic developments.

The presentation of Post Modern triggers the public, because of its dynamics.
One can see totally different narratives, techniques, and materials.
People get a good sense of what goes on in the (applied) arts.
Plus: Art lovers with a smaller budget can start their art collection.

Woes van Haaften (founder) and Roosje van Donselaar will continue to invite artists and designers to showcase new possibilities within the postcard format.

On this website you'll find a selection of the available works. You're very welcome to admire the whole collection at our studio in Amsterdam.

Woes van Haaften

Shipping and handling per order
Netherlands: €8,00
International: €12,50

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